The specialists recognizes that many patients suffer from dental phobia or anxiety. She encourages patients to ask about sedation dentistry also known as sleep dentistry. The dentist offers a viable solution to improve relaxation and satisfaction. There is no need to neglect your dental health!

Are you scared of going to the dentist?

Many people have an unnatural fear of the dentist’s office. Do you neglect bi-annual cleanings and consultations because of dental phobia? Others feel embarrassed by their lack of dental health and put off going to the dentist. The fear of going to the dentist outweighs their desire to find out they have a problem. Dental phobia and anxiety are a common issue for many patients.
Sedation dentistry in Hollywood is an option to put you in a sedated state during your dental visit. Also known by the name sleep dentistry, many patients feel more comfortable and calm. This allows you to get the oral health care you need and deserve. Eliminating dental anxiety is not the only benefit with sedation dentistry. This is a clear choice for patients whose fear of the dentist outweighs their oral health. A less talked about advantage is receiving more dental procedures with fewer visits.

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Who needs sedation dentistry?

IV sedation, also known as twilight sedation, is most often used for more invasive procedures. If you suffer from extreme anxiety with regular dental cleanings and routine care then this is a great option to maintain your oral health and receive quality care. The following are common reasons patients consider sedation dentistry Hollywood:
• Phobia related to dental procedures;
• Special needs;
• Fear and general anxiety disorder;
• Sensitive oral nerves;
• Small-mouth that becomes sore during procedures;
• Nervousness.

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